Travel Tips

Our shipping agency will assist you while in Mexico

Dear Visitor:

By law, all vessels without Mexican flag must clear in and clear out only thru a Mexican Shipping Agency. Our shipping agency will assist you while in Mexico and provide you with the different official forms that you are required by the port and customs authorities, to clear-in and out of the country.

These services have additional charges: clear-in and clear-out procedure at the offices of International Sanitation, Inmigration, Customs, Agriculture Sanitation, and Harbour Master Office, sport fishing permits for vessels and guests, bank and government payments for permits and temporary importation permits for vessels for ten years.

All vessels require these authorizations to avoid fines or confiscation of the vessel, by the Mexican authorities and customs national office. These requirements apply for all non-Mexican vessels. The procedure must begin upon arrival to the first Mexican port, (not from your home country) and require special documentation. Please ask for requirements and forms to have on-board before departure from your country. The Shipping Agency charges fees to handle and process the paperwork related to the vessel and the sport fishing activities. Some of these procedures involve trips to official offices in Cancun. Please let us know if you have any other questions. We will be happy to help you.